Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Skin is going to Hong Kong Arts Festival

My costume SKIN which I made for the Wearable Art Show in NZ (WOW) has been selected for the Hong Kong Arts festival Jan 28-Feb 5 th where the WOW presents a unique 70 minutes event displaying 124 garments from the WOW collection .
The show is made up from the " best of the best " sections from recent award shows and will involve 50 NZ cast and crew as well as Hong Kong models and dancers.


Robert Dussault said...

Marjolein, your costume is wonderfully alive!
Good luck in HK!

GalaFilc said...

Fantastic... beautiful and unique!!!

florcita said...

what a work of art!
Good luck to you and the costume!

Dorie said...

great to read your blog! This work is so stunning. You're a great inspirator!!!

Blanca-Estela said...

amazing,inspirational,challenging,so unique!!!!!!!!
your work elicits visceral reactions in moves me so deeply it creates new pathways of excitement and sensations of beauty felt deep in the body and spirit.
Hard to explain but it moves me very deep inside.
You may feel something of the like when you see your creations!!!

Gretz said...
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Gretz said...

This is an amazing piece cant wait to see this years entry!